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We make shelving for storage of products with a capacity of up to 6000 kg for each pallet space.

They are custom-made structures that are generally used for the storage of platform with semi-processed leather, stands or other.

The structure is made of hot galvanized steel beams, and the shelves are covered by a thick wooden plank.

Each shelving unit is calculated, certified and marked CE according to UNI EN ISO 1090-2 as a specific guarantee of the design and construction requirements of steel structures.


Stairs and Walkway

We produce stainless steel staircases and walkways for access to rooms, lofts or to enslavement of machines and plants.

The steps and the floorboards in general, are made with a particular and efficient anti-slip system of our production.


Lofts and Shelter

We also realize lofts and shelters, are structures in most cases in hot galvanized steel, or in stainless steel, with floorboards in wood, or in anti-slip sheet metal or grilled.

Each structure is designed and calculated by our technical office according to the customer’s requirements.

All mezzanines are installed in a state of the art and are CE marked according to the UNI EN ISO 1090-2 EXC2 that specifies the design and construction requirements of steel structures.