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Desalating Machine


Desalating Machine

The salting of hides for conservation is undoubtedly the most economical and widespread system in the world trade of “raw”.
This process, however, has as a direct consequence, an excessive presence of residual chlorides in the wastewater of processing.

With the deal of eliminating or at least reducing the presence of chlorides in discharges to acceptable levels, several techniques have been tested over the years. The most advantageous from both an economic and technical point of view, was the mechanical separation of the salt at the beginning of the processing cycle.

Officine Bernardini in this application was the first company in the field of tanning machines to design, manufacture, patent and market the desalter continuously for raw hides, becoming over the years, leader of this market with over 200 machines installed in Italy and worldwide.

How It Works

The operation of this machine is as simple as it is effective:

The hides are loaded onto the loading hopper, generally using a material handler with grab or conveyors belt​

They slide inside the rotating basket which, thanks to the presence of a series of rungs positioned in a spiral, makes the hides open first, and then continuing to tip, thus freeing from salt and other impurities​

At the end of the cycle the hides come out of the basket from the opposite side, falling into a possible collection tank, or on conveyor belts, while the salt and other impurities are conveyed to a tank or directly on the salt filter (provided on request) placed under the basket​

Benefits and Applications

One of the fundamental advantages of the continuous desalter compared to other technologies, is that while a load of hides is processed and is advancing in the basket, it is possible to carry out another load and so on continuously.
In addition to the main use, that of removing salt from hides to be able to start the production process, all our customers use the desalter to verify the amount of salt applied by suppliers on raw hides.

Not only separation of salt: many companies, in fact, driven by the continuous reduction of operating margins and the inexorable increase in labour costs, have adopted the desalator to verticalize automation, inserting conveyor belts, unloading, scales in line, thus managing to feed directly and automatically the lines of loading of the drums, in other cases still, the desalter is used for the separation and opening of fresh hides, otherwise difficult operation heavy and expensive.


In addition to a standard version, we have developed over the years, machines with different characteristics depending on the conditions of use requested by the customer. Different lengths, different materials, different levels of solidity up to double plants in line.

Technical Charateristics

7000 ~ kg/h
Materials, Stainless steel
15 kw
4000 kg
Dimensions (LxPxH)
Operating envelope 7,5×3,0x 4,5mt