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Protection and Safety

Protection and safety

Drums access Door

The security doors for access to the drums, are protective devices that totally prevent the exposure of the moving parts of the drums while it is in rotation. 
They are applied in the mezzanines, and can be supplied in different types depending on the conformation of the access passage to the drum in which they must be installed.

Protection and safety

Safety Bars

The safety bars in front of the drum, are mandatory safety devices, are installed on the ground floor, prevent the approach to the drum in rotation.

In order to be able to get close to the drum, it is necessary to lift the bar and this, being connected to a safety switch, stops the drum instantly.

They can be fixed to the wall on the basament of the drums or with column anchored to the ground.

Entirely made of stainless steel, the measures are customized according to the size of the drum and the space available.

Protection and safety

Loading Gates

The loading gate, is a mandatory safety system that prevents accidental falls from the top during the loading of products from mezzanines.

Made entirely of stainless steel, it has two parallel gates that are closed or open alternately so as to keep the load gap always closed and prevent at any stage the fall, both the operator and the goods.

The dimensions are customized for each installation according to the available space and the dimensions of the pallets to be handled.

Protection and safety


The mezzanines protections are continuous barriers that prevent both the perimeter fall, that the approach to the rotating drum, and the systems and drives in general.

Made entirely of stainless steel, they are composed of a tubular perimeter and welded wire panels.

They are tailor-made according to the surveyed perimeter geometry.

Protection and safety

Dust Extractor

The purpose of the dust extraction unit, is to aspirate and filter the suspended dust which rises during the weighing phase of the products.

The structure is completely in stainless steel, it is supplied complete with fan, filters and support feet and leveling.

The dimensions can be customized according to the space available and the size of the scale.

It can be equipped with automatic switching off systems, printer for labeling products, barcode detector, etc.