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Leather Platforms

Leather platforms

Leather Stands

The leather stands of our production are of different types depending on their use. They differ fundamentally in scope, materials and intended use.

The leathers trolleys (stands or horses) of our production, are of different types depending on their use. They mainly differ in weight capacity, materials and intended use.

With wheels for internal handling
Without wheels for floor or shelf storage
Light and without wheels for air or container shipping.
The surface of the coat, which can be in painted iron or stainless steel, is perfectly smooth obtained by bending and not by folding, thus avoiding that on the skins you can imprint marks or scratches, damaging them.

Each stands, in order to be traced and identified, is produced with the customer’s logo and progressive numbering.

Leather platforms

Leather Platforms

The leather transport platform is used for internal handling, storage or for shipping to sub-suppliers.

Depending on the needs, we can produce platforms for handling with forklifts, with slides for forks on two or four sides, suitably structured according to the dimensions and the required load.

As for the materials, it is possible to make the structure in iron, in stainless steel 304, in stainless steel 316, with a wooden top, or with a stainless steel sheet top.

Each platform is laser marked with the customer’s logo and a progressive number.

Leather platforms

Leather Holder Tables

Leather table for choices, storage or intermediate stage of processing.

It can be built in stainless steel or painted iron, with wooden top, painted steel or stainless steel, customizable also in color, shape and size, comes with recognition plate and wheels that allow easy handling with or without forklift.